97-7 The Wolf is proud to bring you the CCISD Supporting Kids through Radio project.

This is a joint project between the CCISD, area schools, and Houghton Community Broadcasting.
Weekday mornings at 8:40, have the children settle in for a quick story from an area teacher to give them a chance to start their day with some familiarity of the school days they are now missing.
We know that your child may have questions that they would certainly have for their teacher about what’s changing in their world on a daily basis.  The CCISD has set up an email address to pose about the school life and friends they may be missing, their emotions, or just their life in general.  Please send them to:


The CCISD’s Mental Health Professionals will answer some selected questions during this program.

If your child’s schedule does not permit them to be able to listen to a program, the programs will be posted here on this page.

June 10 “Not Norman A Goldfish Story” Carla Strome CCISD
June 9 “One Eyed Town” Dr. Steve Patchin Hancock Schools
June 8 “In a Minute, Mom” Maria Schwaderer CCISD
June 5 “Mole Music” Amy Johnson Dollar Bay Tamarack City Schools
June 4 “Ruby Sings The Blues” Amy Johnson Dollar Bay Tamarack City School
June 3 “Winnie-The-Pooh Chapter 1” Christina Norland Dollar Bay Tamarack City School
June 2 “The Berenstain Bears and the Bad Dream” Karina Koenig CCISD
June 1 “Listening With My Heart” Deborah Pavolich Calumet Elementary
May 29 “Tad’s Messy Day” Kara Galbraith Calumet
May 28 “Pig The Pug” Kimberly Hendrickson CCISD
May 27 “When I Feel Scared” Risa Williamson L’Anse
May 26 “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Chapter 7” Selection Maria Schwaderer
May 22 “Maddi’s Fridge” Gwen Stockwell CCISD
May 21 When Sophie Gets Angry, Really, Really Angry Darren Kinnunen Calumet Elementary
May 19 Giraffes Can’t Dance Natalie Morgan CCISD
May 18 “Elbow Grease” Jen Beaudette
May 15 “My Hero is You-How Kids Can Fight Covid-19” Lynnette Boree CCISD
May 14 “Franklin In The Dark” Carla Strome CCISD
May 13 “The Squirrel Manifesto” JR Repp Houghton Elementary
May 12 “The Very Impatient Caterpillar” Hillary Arundel Houghton Elementary
May 11 “What To Do With a Problem” Becky Garnell Barkell Elementary Hancock
May 8 “The Angry Dragon” Kimberly Hendrickson CCISD
May 7 “Mine Collar Mystery” Laura Rowe Lake Linden-Hubble Elementary
May 5 “Brady Brady and the Runaway Goalie” Dan Giachino Head Coach of the Copper Kings
May 4 “Don’t Feed the Monster on Tuesday” Don Williams Adams Twp. Schools
May 1 “Hooway for Wodney Wat” Charley Heltunen and Nikki Lishinski South Range Elementary
April 30 “Rachel Fister’s Blister” Sheri Normand South Range Elementary
April 29 “Brave Irene” Risa Williamson L’Anse Area School
April 28 “Sitting Still Like a Frog” Trish Sherman Jeffers High School
April 27 “Those Shoes” Gwen Stockwell CCISD
April 24 “The Lion Inside” Alisha Pihlaja Barkell Elementary
April 23 “Chrysanthemum” Melisa Hronkin Houghton Elementary
April 22 “Wacky Wednesday” Risa Williamson L’Anse Area Schools
April 21 “A Big Fat Lie” Angie Elmblad CCISD
April 20 “Wilfred Gordon MacDonald Partridge” Laura Larson Adams Twp Schools
April 17 “Who did Patrick’s Homework” Morgan Raether Jeffers High School
April 16 “Rosie Revere Engineer” Melissa Hronkin Houghton Elementary
April 15 “Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed” Gwen Stockwell CCISD
April 14 “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day” Sierra Bishop CCISD
April 13 “Let’s Have a Visit with our Feelings” Michael Garrison CCISD
April 10 “The Oyster and the Butterfly” George Stockero CCISD
April 9 “Whatif Monster” Kristen Rundman Houghton Middle School
April 8 “What do You do with an Idea?” Karina Koeing CCISD
April 7 “Help your Dragon Deal with Anxiety” Jennifer Harris CCISD
April 6 “The Way I Feel” Natalie Morgan CCISD