The Keweenaw’s Own Morning Show with Kris Kyro Check out the Wolf Facebook page too! .Join Kris Kyro every day on 97.7 the Wolf!! Be sure to scroll down and listen to a few of the guests she’s had on her show! Guests like Dr. Elmo, Toni Tennille,  Charlotte Stewart,  Edd Benda of the movie “Superior”,  grammy winner Pat Donahue  and more! You never know who is going to show up on The Keweenaw’s Own Morning Show, and neither does Kris so it’s always a surprise for everyone!

Welcome to Kris Kyro, the new host of the Keweenaw’s Own Morning Show!  Lovin the studio! Lovin the listeners! and Lovin the Fun! Join her for a host of contests , special guests …and local celebrities like YOU! Superior Video movie review every Tuesday morning at 8;40 with Jeff Harju , Susie Landers every Thursday morning at 8:40 (yes we do like that time don’t we!?) Surprise guest announcers, random give aways, entertainment of the most interesting kind in all forms of people and music! You are personally invited to join me every weekday morning from 6-10 on the Keweenaw’s Own Morning Show with Kris Kyro on 97.7 the Wolf!! As our jet set friend Hans would say…..”See you dere!:kris









Join the fun by calling the studio line at 482-9700 or posting a comment on our Facebook page.


Gail English is the kind of vocal  artist  who paints a picture with her smooth stylings every time she sings! Fun loving and gifted Gail makes a fan out of you the first time you hear her, a favorite every where she performs! She’s comfortable with her talent and you can sit back and enjoy the show….or sing along and hope some of her talent rubs off on you!


Alice Marjeram Instrument Maker and Historical Musicologist. Alice is helping to revive an old time Finnish instrument in our area with her friend Claire and preserving the almost lost art of the juohikko! She’s informative and excited to share the story and music with all of us and shares examples of the juohikko incorporated into blues, jazz and more!


Greg Robbins San Francisco musician spent 23 years in Barcelona Spain before returning to the U.S. His musical styles incorporate everything from funk to jazz to rock and classical! Join Greg with host Kris Kyro on Musical Notes January 21

Steve Jones spoke with Kris Kyro about the Ken Steiner Memorial Jam to be held at the Roza Center Friday Jan 6  2016. Numerous local musicians will be on hand to honor Kens memory with music !


Musical Notes New Years Eve 2016 sharing the talents of musicians we have enjoyed since the show was started! Listen in and chill!


Musical Notes featuring a variety of guests and their music! All of your favorites so far! More to come!

Tune in for some excellent entertainment from our talented guests. Kris Kyro hosts the Musical Notes show every week and puts the spotlight on our musicians! The program started September 17 2016 and continues into the New Year.  Kris has interviewed Bruce Rundman, Appleseed Collective, Adrienne Hilman,  Toni Tennille, (Grammy winning artist)  Nightscreamer, Clay Hilman, Landing Party, Pat Donohue (Grammy winning artist) Carl Behrand, Todd Van Dyke, Steve Jones, Bob Hiltunen, Charlie Parr and The Jimmy Hats! Hear them all on the Compilation programs or find each one specifically on this site for an in depth one on one show about the musicians!


Bob Hiltunen guest on Musical Notes with host Kris Kyro

Bob is a local favorite for his gutsy blues voice and original music. A genuine talent with a down to earth humility about his gift! I love Bob! (Well I love all my guests but I don’t have time to write my declarations of adoration for all of the talented people I meet!) Once you hear Bob you’re going to love him too!


Steve Jones guest on Musical Notes with host Kris Kyro

Steve is a thoughtful yet playful musician quick to share the talents of others he shares the spotlight with…a literal musical gem in the Keweenaw! Steve is such a pro he makes it look easy(the mark of a true professional) and he is always encouraging others in the community to get involved and make the most of your gift! I promise you will be so happy you listened here if you’ve never heard him before!


Todd Van Dyke Musical Notes guest with host Kris Kyro

Todd is so low key about his musical gifts (which are many) it was a challenge to have him be my guest! Besides his knowledge and expertise about music in general you’re going to love his easy going voice and song styling!

Adrienne Hilman is a vivacious and spontaneous singer and musician with a voice that’ll melt your heart (and tickle your funny bone when she’s creating humorous songs ) Not only does she share her beautiful voice and music, she often invites you into her world of song and joy! Her down to earth spirit balances her angelic voice!


Clay Hilman is a virtuoso when it comes to tickling the ivories! Clay is also a creative genius in improv with both lyrics and music! A sense of humor and a soulfulness saturates every song he delivers and you are sure to be enthralled when you hear his music!



November 10, 2016

Carl Behrend spoke with Kris Kyro about his music and the great lakes that inspire much of his work. Tune in tomorrow at 9:20 a.m. for more with Carl and on Saturday’s Musical Notes on WCCY, our sister station for an extended interview at 11:30 a.m.

Toni Tennille of the famous duo Captain and Tennille speaks with Kris Kyro about her memoirs released in April 2016, already in its second printing. She discusses her early years in Alabama, meeting Daryl Dragon better known as the Captain, her life and career then and now. Toni is as genuine as the music she shared with the world!

Landing Party is featured and not only do they inspire you to dance and sing along but they are equally  blessed with a playful sense of humor as a group and as musicians!  The members devote countless hours to their craft and have a loyal following!

NightScreamer lives up to their name with powerhouse vocals and heart pounding pedal to the metal drumming! A long time favorite in the U.P. and Wisconsin NightScreamer performs to a loyal fan base that follow them where ever they go! A band with personality PLUS! and then some!


Jimmy Hats are well known in this area for providing toe tapping songs with their own special blend of musical artistry! Be sure to catch the Jimmy hats when you’re making plans for great entertainment that delivers!




Kris Kyro played the mom to five kids, Paul Stanko being one of them, in the movie "Superior"

Kris Kyro played the mom to five kids, Paul Stanko being one of them, in the movie “Superior”

Superior pics 2

Opening night for the movie “Superior” at the Calumet Theatre. Kris Kyro poses with Alex, Paul Stanko, and Director Producer Edd Benda.

Superior pics 3

Posted July 30, 2015 – Edd Benda and Paul Stanko from the film Superior visited Todd in the studio to talk about their movie, and its Michigan premiere tonight and tomorrow night at the Calumet Theatre.  The movie continues its trek around the U.S. bringing the story of two young men with roots in the Keweenaw and the bike ride that shaped their future! ( June 2016 Superior just left Hawaii!!)


Dr. Elmo is best known for his song “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” which is a U.P. favorite as well as a beloved song throughout the U.S. Dr. Elmo took some time to speak with Kris Kyro about that song and what it has meant to his life and career. The song has inspired movies, soundtracks to movies, and high notes on Billboard charts surpassing even Bing Crosbys “White Christmas”. Dr. Elmo has appeared on most late night talk shows, morning shows, and 97.7 the Wolf. A true gentleman and humorist!


Charlotte Stewart, Miss Beadle , from the tv show The Little House on the Prairie spoke with Kris Kyro to promote her memoirs “Little House in the Hollywood Hills: A Bad  Girl’s Guide to Becoming Miss Beadle, Mary X and Me”. She was a very interesting guest and discusses her career and a few of her friendships with Kris. Below she talks about Jim Morrison, Neil Young, Elvis Presley, director David Lynch and of course Little House on the Prairie.



Chris LaGrand speaks with Kris Kyro about being the front man and director for Satisfaction: A Tribute to the Rolling Stones. The Satisfaction group have received the musical equivalent of the Good Housekeeping seal of approval from the original Rolling Stones, meaning they are confident in the artistry of Satisfaction. Chris LaGrand tells Kris Kyro about this long standing group and their success.




 Patty Farmer author of  “Playboy Swings” discusses the archives and Al Jarreau with Kris Kyro. Patty interviewed Hugh Hefner and many of those close to him to spotlight the work Hugh did behind the scenes in promoting civil rights and causes important to him.

Vincent James interviewed musicians, song writers and more for his book “88 Ways Music Can Change Your Life” and speaks with Kris Kyro about his work and the book.




Courtney Clisch talks about her music career with Kris Kyro and her upcoming performance at the Pine Mountain Music Festival with the Upstarts at the Roza Center June 21 at 7:30




Lt. Nick Roberts from the City of Houghton discusses how the parade route for this years Bridgefest will affect traffic and reminds everyone to pay attention to officers and volunteers for re routed traffic for the parade Friday June 17th


Leah Hungerford will appear with Courtney Clisch and other local performers during the Upstarts program at the Roza Center June 21 at 7:30 as part of the Pine Mountain Music Festival lineup.



 Benjamin Domask, a performing artist from Minnesota was recently performing in the U.P. before leaving for St. Louis and his upcoming show there. Mr. Domask was in the studio with Kris Kyro to talk about his life as an entertainer. (check out our Wolf Facebook page for great pics and videos!)

Todd Brassard and Hannah Bethel speaking with Kris Kyro about P.J. Olssons Rock camp kids and the concert coming up.


P.J. Olsson speaks with Kris Kyro  about the Rock Camp for kids in it’s ninth year and the talent that is being encouraged and cultivated in our community with the guidance of all who are there to train and teach the young musicians.

















































Posted February 14, 2013


Anheuser Busch has introduced a new line of Busch Beer called “Signature Copper Lager. It’s being rolled out in the Midwest, and the promotional pictures feature a beer truck parked in front of the historic #4 Champion Mine Shaft House in Painesdale!