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The Twelve Dogs of Christmas 2016

Presented in part by Copper Country Veterinary Clinic, Coca-Cola of Hancock, The Noggin Shop, and Wal-Mart

Dog Twelve-Waffles
Presented by Roka Optical

Waffles – Oh, silly Waffles. This big 100-pound boy needs a very special home. He is so loving and awesome with people that he knows, but he does take a little bit of time to warm up to new people. He’s a big American Bulldog who is about 5 years old. Waffles is looking for a person who isn’t really in a huge hurry to get a dog and would be willing to come in and spend time with him more than once so  he can get to know you. He’s the biggest, most mellow boy and it’s so comical to see this large dog playing with (and not destroying) a tiny orange toy dinosaur. He loves to go for walks and he loves belly rubs. He really likes to hang outside on nice days. He’s very loyal to the people he loves and would be a mighty protector of his home. Please let us tell you all about Waffles and if you are looking for a large friend to spend your life with, you may have found the one!

Dog Eleven Toby –  Toby is a happy, cute and sweet little Hound mix who is about 35 pounds. He is a younger dog at about 2 years old. He enjoys meeting new people and likes to play and get attention. He’s a very snuggly little guy who seems to do okay with other dogs and will play with them. He enjoys toys and going for walks. He does like to follow his nose so off-leash may not be the best idea for this Hound boy. We don’t know how Toby is in a home as far as house-training goes, but he seems to be a very smart boy who will pick up on household rules quickly.  He’s an awesome dog!  Brought to you by Advance Tec Body Repair ADOPTED!!

Dog Ten Tennessee – We think it’s so sad that Miss Tennessee is still at the shelter. She has been at CCHS for almost a year! She really is a great girl, but needs a home where she can be the only animal and has a person with dog experience. She is strong, but will walk nice once she’s calmed down a bit. With some regular training and learning the rules, she would be a great girl! She’s very smart and super loving toward her people. Tennessee is playful and loyal and her only fault is that she really doesn’t like other animals so she’d need to be your only furry friend. But even so, she deserves a life outside of the shelter. Please come and spend some time with Tennessee. We’d be more than  happy to put her in our multipurpose room so you can hang out!  Brought to you by Superior Block.


Dog Nine Rylo – Silly Rylo! We really tried to get some cute photos of him out in the snow, but he was not having it! Too cold out for this silly boy! He is a 1.5 year old Hound/Lab mix who is very energetic and fun. Rylo is looking for an active home where he can go, go, go! He really loves to play and be outside walking with his people. He would be a wonderful exercise partner because he loves to run and would really enjoy hiking as well. He’s a typical hound that will follow his nose so he’ll need boundaries and a secured yard. He’s also super smart, snuggly when he is ready for a nap or down for the night and just an all around loving boy. His former owner said he is potty trained and well behaved in the house unless there is something yummy in the garbage can. He’s a super dog who would be a great family friend, but could be a little too excited with little kids (just because he’s big and might knock them over!).  He likes most other dogs, but no cats please!  Brought to you by Wolftrax Mobile DJ service

Dog Eight Atreyu – Atreyu is a 1.5 year old Lab mix who is an awesome dog! He is very playful and silly. Atreyu can be a little hesitant when first meeting new people, but he warms up quickly. He is ready for an active home that can keep him engaged and busy. He’d be good with older kids, but no toddlers please.  Brought to you by Toucan’s Auto Repair.   Adopted!!!


Dog Seven Anders – Anders is a 1.5 year old Hound/Shepherd mix who is oh so sweet and silly. She does well with other dogs, but she’s a bit too much for cats to handle. Anders loves kids, but little ones might not be a good idea around this bouncy gal because she might knock them over in all of her excitement. She’s potty trained and knows basic commands. She just needs someone to help get that puppy energy out.  Brought to you by Kaleva Cafe.

Dog Six Zero – Look at this handsome fella! Zero is a 1.5 year old Silver Lab who is spunky, outgoing, energetic and fun. He is looking for an active home where he can have a lot of play time. Having a playful female dog around would be an added bonus for this guy. Zero is a good boy, but needs people with dog experience and no couch potatoes please!  Brought to you by Arbor Green


Dog Five Leo-Leo is a super playful, friendly and fun 2-3 year old boy. He would love a home where he can get some playtime and walks, but he also loves to snuggle and get cozy with his people. Leo can be timid and not show his best side in the kennel, so please ask to see him out from behind the bars.  Brought to you by Gasoline Alley Collision.



Dog Four Hagrid-Hagrid is a playful young Husky mix who has a lot of spunk! This handsome boy loves every person he meets and just wants attention and love. He enjoys going for walks and playing with his toys, but at the end of the day, he is all about snuggle time!  Brought to you by Super 8 Motel.



Dog Three King – King is a 2-year-old Pit mix who is very playful and fun. He loves to go for walks and play with toys. He especially loves to play tug-o-war. He gets really excited when he first gets on a leash so he will need someone who can handle that excitement. King would prefer a home with no small children or other animals (a female dog might be okay).  Brought to you by Keweenaw Specialty Woods. Adopted!!!



Dog Two Abu – Abu is a 9-year-old Boxer who still got a lot of spunk! Abu enjoys going walking and likes playing with his toys. He would be best as an only animal. Abu walks well on a leash once he gets over his initial excitement.  His former owner told us that he’s well-behaved in the house and the only time he gets in trouble is when the garbage can smells a little too tempting.  This sweet senior deserves an amazing home that he can call his very own.  Brought to you by The Wickley Agency  Adopted!!!



Dog One Rico – Rico is a 4-year-old Boxer/Terrier mix who is very playful, loving and a huge snuggle-bug. He enjoys going for walks, playing with toys and being around his people. Above all else, Rico loves attention and affection. He would do best in a home where he is not alone for long periods of time because he does like human interaction. He is great with kids and has lived with kids of all ages. He also does well with most female dogs. Please come and meet Rico!  Brought to you by Pepsi of Houghton.