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The Twelve Dogs of Christmas 2018

Presented in part by Copper Country Veterinary Clinic, Coca-Cola of Hancock, and Houghton Super 8

Dog Twelve-Max
Presented by Pepsi of Houghton

Max is an older German Shorthair Pointer who is looking for a new home of his very own. He’s a very nice dog who enjoys walks, but isn’t overly active. He is diabetic and gets insulin twice daily, but he’s very good for his injections and it’s very easy to give to him. He would love to be your new best friend. Adopted


Day Eleven – Sayble is a 5 year old Husky looking for an adult only home where she can be your one and only furry friend. She is a very friendly girl, but doesn’t like to share her humans with other animals. She loves going for walks and playing with toys. Please consider taking Sayble home. (Roy’s Pasties and Bakery) Adopted


Day Ten – Yoda is a 9 month old Doberman with so much spunk and energy. He is looking for a home where he can burn off some of that puppy energy. He is pretty picky on which dogs he likes and he will tolerate cats as long as his adopter knows not to leave him alone with a cat until he gets used to them. He would be good with older kids (7+) who know how to respect animals. (Toucan’s Auto Repair)


Day Nine – Hugo is a large and in charge 2-year-old German Shepherd who is so handsome and fun. He loves to play and go for walks. He gets along with all the people he meets and has lived with cats. He would love to find a home with large dog experience and someone who can give him the activity he needs to be happy. (Amora Wellness and Gifts) Adopted



Day Eight – Russ is a fluffy mixed breed dog who is probably about 2-3 years old. He’s very friendly, likes other dogs and loves people. He’s a snuggly boy who is playful and sweet. Come check him out! (Toucan’s Auto Repair) Adopted



Day Seven – Benelli (Ben) is a 5 year old Cattle Dog mix who is super sweet and loving. He likes most other dogs and gets along with all people. Ben is epileptic so he will need to be on daily medications, but since he’s been on meds, he’s been seizure free! He’s a great dog who deserves a loving forever home. (Kaleva Cafe)



Day Six – Ed is a 3-4 year old mixed breed dog (Setter/Hound?) who is a really fun boy. He loves to go for walks, play with toys and be with his people. He enjoys the company of most other dogs. Ed doesn’t show well in his kennel because he feels nervous so please ask to see him outside or take him for a walk so he can show you his true awesome self. (Skytta’s Country Feed & General Store)


Day Five -Haymitch is an 8-9 year old Boxer mix who loves people so much. He is a sweetheart who enjoys going for walks & just lounging around. He would love to be an only dog and hopes you will consider stopping by to meet him. (Gasoline Alley Collision)



Day Four – Bubbles is an 8 month old mixed breed dog who has a ton of energy and loves to play and run. She enjoys toys and will toss them around and play for a long time. She is hoping for an only dog home, but she may do well with a larger male dog. She needs some training, but she’s young and a smart girl. (Erickson True Value) Adopted



Day Three – Chuck is a 3 year old Chihuahua mix who is a friendly little dude. He loves people and loves to go for walks and be snuggled. He likes some other dogs and would do well with older children.
(Otter River Outfitters) Adopted



Day Two – Neo has been with CCHS and another shelter for a total of over a year. He is only 3 years old and loves people so much. Neo just hasn’t found the right home for him yet because he doesn’t care for other dogs and wants to be your only furry friend. He would be an amazing companion for someone who wants a loyal and loving canine.

(Suomi Restaurant) Adopted


Day One -Kaia is a one-year old Pit mix who is super fun and silly. She is a good girl who loves to play and go for walks.She does well with cats, but would prefer a home with no other dogs. (Pepsi Cola of Houghton) Adopted