Todd and Jeff’s Picks for the 2013
Wolf Pro Football Challenge

Week 17

Sunday, December 29
Panthers (Todd & Jeff) at Falcons
Packers (Jeff) at Bears (Todd)
Ravens (Todd) at Bengals (Jeff)
Eagles (Todd & Jeff) at Cowboys
Texans at Titans (Todd & Jeff)
Jaguars at Colts (Todd & Jeff)
Browns at Steelers (Todd & Jeff)
Jets at Dolphins (Todd & Jeff)
Lions (Todd) at Vikings (Jeff)
Bills at Patriots (Todd & Jeff)
Buccaneers at Saints (Todd & Jeff)
Redskins (Todd) at Giants (Jeff)
49ers (Todd) at Cardinals (Jeff)
Chiefs (Todd) at Chargers (Jeff)
Rams at Seahawks (Todd & Jeff)
Broncos (Todd & Jeff) at Raiders

Todd – 10-6; Jeff – 14-2

Week 16

Sunday, December 22
Dolphins (Todd & Jeff) at Bills
Vikings at Bengals (Todd & Jeff)
Colts at Chiefs (Todd & Jeff)
Buccaneers at Rams (Todd & Jeff)
Browns (Jeff) at Jets (Todd)
Bears at Eagles (Todd & Jeff)
Cowboys (Todd & Jeff) at Redskins
Saints (Todd & Jeff) at Panthers
Titans (Todd & Jeff) at Jaguars
Broncos (Todd & Jeff) at Texans
Cardinals at Seahawks (Todd & Jeff)
Giants at Lions (Todd & Jeff)
Steelers at Packers (Todd & Jeff)
Raiders at Chargers (Todd & Jeff)
Patriots (Todd) at Ravens (Jeff)

Monday, December 23
Falcons at 49ers (Todd & Jeff)

Todd – 10-6; Jeff – 8-8

Week 15

Thursday, December 12
Chargers at Broncos (Todd & Jeff)

Sunday, December 15
Redskins at Falcons (Todd & Jeff)
Bears (Todd & Jeff) at Browns
Cardinals (Todd & Jeff) at Titans
Texans at Colts (Todd & Jeff)
Saints (Todd & Jeff) at Rams
Patriots (Jeff) at Dolphins (Todd)
Eagles (Todd & Jeff) at Vikings
Seahawks (Todd & Jeff) at Giants
Bills (Todd) at Jaguars (Jeff)
49ers (Todd & Jeff) at Buccaneers
Jets at Panthers (Todd & Jeff)
Chiefs (Todd & Jeff) at Raiders
Packers at Cowboys (Todd & Jeff)
Bengals (Todd & Jeff) at Steelers

Monday, December 16
Ravens (Jeff) at Lions (Todd)

Todd – 10-6; Jeff – 9-7

Week 14

Thursday, December 5
Texans (Todd) at Jaguars (Jeff)

Sunday, December 8
Colts at Bengals (Todd & Jeff)
Bills (Todd) at Buccaneers (Jeff)
Chiefs (Todd & Jeff) at Redskins
Vikings at Ravens (Todd & Jeff)
Browns at Patriots (Todd & Jeff)
Panthers at Saints (Todd & Jeff)
Raiders (Todd) at Jets (Jeff)
Lions (Todd) at Eagles (Jeff)
Dolphins at Steelers (Todd & Jeff)
Titans at Broncos (Todd & Jeff)
Giants (Jeff) at Chargers (Todd)
Seahawks (Todd & Jeff) at 49ers
Rams at Cardinals (Todd & Jeff)
Falcons (Todd) at Packers (Jeff)

Monday, December 9
Cowboys (Todd & Jeff) at Bears

Todd – 9-7; Jeff – 13-3

Week 13

Thursday, November 28
Packers at Lions (Todd & Jeff)
Raiders at Cowboys (Todd & Jeff)
Steelers (Jeff) at Ravens (Todd)

Sunday, December 1
Buccaneers at Panthers (Todd & Jeff)
Jaguars at Browns (Todd & Jeff)
Titans (Jeff) at Colts (Todd)
Broncos (Todd) at Chiefs (Jeff)
Bears (Todd) at Vikings (Jeff)
Dolphins (Jeff) at Jets (Todd)
Cardinals at Eagles (Todd & Jeff)
Falcons at Bills (Todd & Jeff)
Rams at 49ers (Todd & Jeff)
Patriots (Todd & Jeff) at Texans
Bengals (Todd & Jeff) at Chargers
Giants (Todd & Jeff) at Redskins

Monday, December 2
Saints (Todd & Jeff) at Seahawks

Todd – 11-5; Jeff – 10-6

Week 12

Thursday, November 21
Saints (Todd & Jeff) at Falcons

Sunday, November 24
Steelers (Todd & Jeff) at Browns
Buccaneers at Lions (Todd & Jeff)
Vikings at Packers (Todd & Jeff)
Chargers at Chiefs (Todd & Jeff)
Bears (Todd) at Rams (Jeff)
Panthers (Todd & Jeff) at Dolphins
Jets at Ravens (Todd & Jeff)
Jaguars at Texans (Todd & Jeff)
Colts (Todd & Jeff) at Cardinals
Titans (Todd) at Raiders (Jeff)
Cowboys (Todd) at Giants (Jeff)
Broncos (Todd & Jeff) at Patriots

Monday, November 25
49ers (Todd & Jeff) at Redskins

Todd – 7-6; Jeff – 6-7 (Green Bay tie not included)

Week 11

Thursday, November 14
Colts (Todd & Jeff) at Titans

Sunday, November 17
Jets (Todd & Jeff) at Bills
Ravens (Todd) at Bears (Jeff)
Browns at Bengals (Todd & Jeff)
Falcons (Todd) at Buccaneers (Jeff)
Cardinals (Todd & Jeff) at Jaguars
Raiders at Texans (Todd & Jeff)
Chargers (Todd & Jeff) at Dolphins
Redskins at Eagles (Todd & Jeff)
Lions (Todd & Jeff) at Steelers
Chiefs at Broncos (Todd & Jeff)
Vikings at Seahawks (Todd & Jeff)
49ers at Saints (Todd & Jeff)
Packers at Giants (Todd & Jeff)

Monday, November 18
Patriots at Panthers (Todd & Jeff)

Todd – 9-6; Jeff – 11-4

Week 10

Thursday, November 7
Redskins (Todd & Jeff) at Vikings

Sunday, November 10
Seahawks (Todd & Jeff) at Falcons
Lions (Todd & Jeff) at Bears
Eagles (Todd) at Packers (Jeff)
Jaguars at Titans (Todd & Jeff)
Rams at Colts (Todd & Jeff)
Raiders at Giants (Todd & Jeff)
Bills (Todd) at Steelers (Jeff)
Bengals (Todd & Jeff) at Ravens
Panthers (Todd) at 49ers (Jeff)
Broncos (Todd & Jeff) at Chargers
Texans at Cardinals (Todd & Jeff)
Cowboys at Saints (Todd & Jeff)

Monday, November 11
Dolphins (Todd) at Buccaneers (Jeff)

Todd – 8-6; Jeff – 8-6

Week 9

Thursday, October 31
Bengals (Jeff) at Dolphins (Todd)

Sunday, November 3
Chiefs (Todd & Jeff) at Bills
Chargers (Todd & Jeff) at Redskins
Falcons at Panthers (Todd & Jeff)
Vikings at Cowboys (Todd & Jeff)
Titans (Todd & Jeff) at Rams
Saints (Todd & Jeff) at Jets
Buccaneers at Seahawks (Todd & Jeff)
Eagles (Todd) at Raiders (Jeff)
Steelers at Patriots (Todd & Jeff)
Ravens (Todd) at Browns (Jeff)
Colts (Todd & Jeff) at Texans

Monday, November 4
Bears at Packers (Todd & Jeff)

Todd – 9-4; Jeff – 8-5

Week 8

Thursday, October 24
Panthers (Todd & Jeff) at Buccaneers

Sunday, October 17
Cowboys (Jeff) at Lions (Todd)
Browns at Chiefs (Todd & Jeff)
Dolphins at Patriots (Todd & Jeff)
Bills at Saints (Todd & Jeff)
Giants at Eagles (Todd & Jeff)
49ers (Todd & Jeff) at Jaguars
Steelers (Todd & Jeff) at Raiders
Jets at Bengals (Todd & Jeff)
Redskins at Broncos (Todd & Jeff)
Falcons at Cardinals (Todd & Jeff)
Packers (Todd & Jeff) at Vikings

Monday, October 28
Seahawks (Todd & Jeff) at Rams

Todd – 11-2; Jeff – 10-3

Week 7

Thursday, October 17
Seahawks (Todd & Jeff) at Cardinals

Sunday, October 20
Buccaneers at Falcons (Todd & Jeff)
Bengals (Jeff) at Lions (Todd)
Texans at Chiefs (Todd & Jeff)
Bills at Dolphins (Todd & Jeff)
Patriots (Todd & Jeff) at Jets
Cowboys (Todd & Jeff) at Eagles
Bears (Todd & Jeff) at Redskins
Rams (Jeff) at Panthers (Todd)
Chargers (Todd & Jeff) at Jaguars
49ers (Todd & Jeff) at Titans
Ravens (Todd & Jeff) at Steelers
Browns at Packers (Todd & Jeff)
Broncos (Todd & Jeff) at Colts

Monday, October 21
Vikings at Giants (Todd & Jeff)

Todd – 9-6; Jeff – 9-6

Week 6

Thursday, October 10
Giants at Bears (Todd & Jeff)

Sunday, October 13
Bengals (Todd) at Bills (Jeff)
Lions at Browns (Todd & Jeff)
Raiders at Chiefs (Todd & Jeff)
Panthers (Todd & Jeff) at Vikings
Eagles (Todd & Jeff) at Buccaneers
Packers (Jeff) at Ravens (Todd)
Rams at Texans (Todd & Jeff)
Steelers at Jets (Todd & Jeff)
Jaguars at Broncos (Todd & Jeff)
Titans at Seahawks (Todd & Jeff)
Saints (Todd & Jeff) at Patriots
Cardinals at 49ers (Todd & Jeff)
Redskins at Cowboys (Todd & Jeff)

Monday, October 14
Colts (Todd & Jeff) at Chargers

Todd – 9-6; Jeff – 9-6

Week 5

Thursday, October 3
Bills (Todd & Jeff) at Browns

Sunday, October 6
Saints (Todd & Jeff) at Bears
Patriots (Todd & Jeff) at Bengals
Jaguars at Rams (Todd & Jeff)
Ravens at Dolphins (Todd & Jeff)
Eagles (Todd & Jeff) at Giants
Lions (Todd) at Packers (Jeff)
Chiefs (Todd & Jeff) at Titans
Seahawks (Todd & Jeff) at Colts
Panthers at Cardinals (Todd & Jeff)
Broncos (Todd & Jeff) at Cowboys
Chargers (Todd & Jeff) at Raiders
Texans (Jeff) at 49ers (Todd)

Monday, October 7
Jets at Falcons (Todd & Jeff)

Todd – 7-7; Jeff – 7-7

Week 4

Thursday, September 26
49ers (Todd & Jeff) at Rams

Sunday, September 29
Ravens (Todd & Jeff) at Bills
Bengals (Todd & Jeff) at Browns
Bears (Todd & Jeff) at Lions
Giants at Chiefs (Todd & Jeff)
Steelers (Jeff) at Vikings (Todd)
Cardinals (Jeff) at Buccaneers (Todd)
Colts (Todd & Jeff) at Jaguars
Seahawks (Todd & Jeff) at Texans
Jets at Titans (Todd & Jeff)
Eagles at Broncos (Todd & Jeff)
Cowboys (Todd) at Chargers (Jeff)
Redskins (Todd) at Raiders (Jeff)
Patriots (Todd) at Falcons (Jeff)

Monday, September 30
Dolphins at Saints (Todd & Jeff)

Week 3

Thursday, September 19
Chiefs (Todd & Jeff) at Eagles

Sunday, September 22
Packers (Todd & Jeff) at Bengals
Rams at Cowboys (Todd & Jeff)
Chargers (Jeff) at Titans (Todd)
Browns at Vikings (Todd & Jeff)
Buccaneers at Patriots (Todd & Jeff)
Cardinals at Saints (Todd & Jeff)
Lions (Todd & Jeff) at Redskins
Giants (Todd & Jeff) at Panthers
Texans (Todd & Jeff) at Ravens
Falcons (Todd & Jeff) at Dolphins
Bills (Todd) at Jets (Jeff)
Colts at 49ers (Todd & Jeff)
Jaguars at Seahawks (Todd & Jeff)
Bears (Todd & Jeff) at Steelers

Monday, September 23
Raiders at Denver (Todd & Jeff)

Week 2

Thursday, September 12
Jets at Patriots (Todd & Jeff)

Sunday, September 15
Rams at Falcons (Todd & Jeff)
Panthers (Todd & Jeff) at Bills
Vikings at Bears (Todd & Jeff)
Redskins at Packers (Todd & Jeff)
Dolphins (Todd) at Colts (Jeff)
Cowboys at Chiefs (Todd & Jeff)
Browns at Ravens (Todd & Jeff)
Titans at Texans (Todd & Jeff)
Chargers at Eagles (Todd & Jeff)
Lions (Todd) at Cardinals (Jeff)
Saints (Todd & Jeff) at Buccaneers
Jaguars at Raiders (Todd & Jeff)
Broncos (Todd & Jeff) at Giants
49ers (Todd & Jeff) at Seahawks

Monday, September 16
Steelers at Bengals (Todd & Jeff)

Week 1

 Thursday, September 5
Ravens at Broncos (Todd and Jeff)

Sunday, September 8
Patriots (Todd and Jeff) at Bills
Bengals (Todd and Jeff) at Bears
Dolphins at Browns (Todd and Jeff)
Falcons (Todd and Jeff) at Saints
Buccaneers (Todd and Jeff) at Jets
Titans at Steelers (Todd and Jeff)
Vikings (Todd) at Lions (Jeff)
Raiders at Colts (Todd and Jeff)
Seahawks (Todd and Jeff) at Panthers
Chiefs (Todd and Jeff) at Jaguars
Cardinals at Rams (Todd and Jeff)
Packers at 49ers (Todd and Jeff)
Giants (Todd and Jeff) at Cowboys

Monday, September 9
Eagles at Redskins (Todd and Jeff)
Texans (Todd and Jeff) at Chargers